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Life is a busy thing and it has kept me away from my blog for a while now.  Not in an awful way you understand.  Yes the day job has been hectic and demanding of late, but socially it’s all been rather full on too.  People are starting to mention the C word and festivities […]

Something I Heard

New teachers in new class rooms and new pupils everywhere, back to school after the summer holidays can be confusing. But for one headteacher returning to his office after the break, things took a particularly unexpected turn. Ivor Chalkface, Headteacher of Bogwarts Academy, opened the door to his office on the first day of term […]

Auditioning Words

I’m trying to write a poem at the moment. I have the idea. It’s here, hovering in my head, waiting impatiently to be expressed. I also have the words, most of them lurking nervously in the wings, like members of an amateur dramatic society at a casting. I suspect my concerns would be familiar to […]

Happy Anniversary

I have been engaged in my vanity publishing project on WordPress for a little over a year now. Happy Anniversary to me! In truth it began as no more than a wish to understand blogging, coupled with a desire to place my words somewhere other than my notebook.  So focused was I on these small […]

City Intellectual

So I am a member of a writers group. It is small and imperfectly formed, but it does offer me the challenges I need in my busy world, if I am ever to get the ideas in my head on to a page. We are not the Bloomsbury Group. I’ve checked on the Internet*. Our […]

100-Word Stories: Writing with Gaps

Oh dear, the poetic muse has gone a little AWOL in the last couple of weeks.  But I have an excuse. I’ve joined a writers workshop. I can only recommend it as a course of action.  Particularly if, like me, you love the idea of writing but time and motivation (or rather lack of these) are […]


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